Hateful Transgression x Jesus Wept x Martyrs of Necromancy Split

by Jesus Wept

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Split LP featuring the blackened brutal death metal bands: Hateful Transgression, Jesus Wept, and Martyrs of Necromancy. Only includes the Jesus Wept side.

For Hateful Transgression's half, go here: hatefultransgression.bandcamp.com

Hateful Transgression's Facebook: www.facebook.com/HatefulTransgression

For Martyrs of Necromancy's half, go here:

Martyrs of Necromancy's Facebook:

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released November 11, 2016

Jesus Wept is:

Balobian One - Guitars, Bass, Drums, Vocals

Hateful Transgression is:

Daniel Martin - Guitar, Bass

Frank Jonker: Vocals

Thomas Martino: Drums

Martyrs of Necromancy is:

Seancarlos Soto - Vocals, Drums

Daniel Paquette - Drums (?)

Steven Chavez - Bass

Angel Hernandez - Guitar

Ariel Lopez - Guitar (?)

Guest vocals on song one performed by Seancarlos of Martyrs of Necromancy and Balobian One of Jesus Wept.

Guest vocals on song two performed by Jebadiah Michael of Corpse Stove

Guest vocals on song four performed by Frank Jonker of Hateful Transgression and Seancarlos of Martyrs of Necromancy

Guest vocals performed by Roberto Granados of Autonome (ex - Seraphim Defloration)

Album artwork designed by Ryan Carey of Crypt Worm Designs:

Album distributed via Transcending Records:



all rights reserved


Jesus Wept Ardmore, Oklahoma


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Track Name: Porcelain Skin
Peel away at layers of skin
Show the world what tragedy lies within.
Appeal to a larger audience.
Sculpting the body
Gives a look of porcelain.
Choke down,
A couple of pills.
Read these pages like the bible
If you wanna mean anything.
Tear yourself
The fuck apart.
Till you feel like nothing
But you look like art.

Fragile and weak
Yet beautiful to the eyes.
Plastic and saline
Completes her grand disguise.

Wear these clothes and say these lines
Portray yourself as an image of humanity
Plague society.
Mood disorders,
Focus on the body image
All time highs!
Fed by corporate lies!

[Sean of Martyrs of Necromancy:]
Mask yourself with insecurity
Just to feel a sense of purity
The price of beauty

[Frank of Hateful Transgression:]
Being sent into a realm of artificial, fabricated, fraudulent lies.
Only to be further drowned in sorrow.
Track Name: Mad King
Entering through a void of lust
You will now become one of us
Trample this
Plane of existence
Make it yours with your strength and persistence
Become the god
You want people to fear
You are the one
Who will live on
Inside of the minds
Of these
Fucking wastes of life
Praying for god's forgiveness

Your world
Crush the weak
Make them fear you even more
Rule as king
Immortalize yourself through horror
"God's not coming to fucking save you!"

All live in fear for the mad king's here
Your reign as god will surely go down in history
Scorched earth and piles of bodies
You'll never be forgotten
God's mans machine
To eternity
Track Name: As Roots Pull Me Under I Become One With The Earth
Writhing with fly larvae
Organs are losing their
Merging with soil
Laid to rest sown with seeds
Growing amongst the trees
Rotting fruit
In the mouths of song birds
Singing their songs

Skin is gray and eyes are glazed
Time's lost purpose
My body decays
Song birds
They sing their songs
Melodies sung as I live on
These sounds
Caught the attention
Of a
More advanced hunter
Eaten alive
Predator, it thrives

Digested in vulture stomach acid
Naturally with time he will pass me
Shit stained
I lay in the soil
Gathered up
Then used by beetles
The insects are found by some primate
Devoured in handfuls by this ape
Only to die in days
He joins me

Amongst the leaves
A host to seeds
They breathe
I've become trees
Live through
Her endless feast

[Rob of Seraphim Defloration:]
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Here I lie in sedentary state,
fingers cold and eyes bleak gray
Queries of this temporary life,
And where the soul goes when we die
Wholesome is death, and I do not fear it, for I assimilate back from where I was born
Mother earth gave birth to all life, and we become one with the soil when our last breath is drawn
Matter is never destroyed, only transformed, and so I lay down my head in eternal sleeps
"Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, I grant my soul to this earth from which we sprung"